Sunday, 29 June 2014

Holly's Weekly Outfits.

Mark being a man, sometimes either puts clothes on Holly that don't particularly match or even worse, too small. So each Sunday I leave a pile of clothes out for her for him to pick from.  

Normally I would let him pick what he wants on a Monday as he's off. An normally they don't go far. So it's normally joggies and a tshirt on Mondays. But this week he is working Monday. So I left stuff out lol. Can't have her going to the childminders in god knows what lol

Here is her pile. He will just sift through this and pick what he wants. 

Firstly we have blue next leggings with sliver through them and white trim at the bottom. This is paired with a navy blue and white stripped mini mouse top. I'm sure this is from Asda George. 

Another pair of navy blue next leggings with lots if different shades of blue floweres. This is paired with a white top that says "daddy's gorgeous girl". Again, i think it's an Asda George one. 

Here we have bright flowery gap leggings with a white tinker bell top. I think this top is a George Asda one. 

I also left some stuff out for her incase it was warmish outside. 
Pink strippy top from debenhams and pink with white polkadot shorts. Think theses are Asda George as well. 

A white next dress with pastel coloured flowes on it. This has matching pants with a big bown on the bum :) 

Finally a next top (it's a tunic top. But I use it as a dress) and some white pants :)

I hope you all have a great weekend and have a great week ahead :) 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x


  1. Oh to be able to dress Tutu again. My little one won't let me dress her in the morning anymore.

    1. I know that time is coming. So I'm making the most of it just now lol :)