Saturday, 28 June 2014

Holly's Haul

Normally I always have a stash of clothes for Holly that is a size bigger than what she is. That way when if she suddenly sprouts I have clothes to fit her!! 

Well mark put leggings in her on Friday that sat clear above her ankles :/ then I realised, I didn't have any bigger ones for her!! So guess what we done today :) 

Firstly we got nappys. Lots of nappies. Can never go wrong with nappies lol one of those things you can not run out of. If you are wondering she is a 4+ now. 

We got her a dress from next with some socks. I love the patchwork!! 

This dress was also from next and it has little pants with it. 

Oh next again. Set of two pairs of legging. All the clothes I buy for her now are 12-18 months. 

These 3 are from gap. I love gap baby. It's all just too cute!!
This set of 2 leggings were the last thing she got lol yet again I just love next clothes. 

Last but not least I got these. Some sun in to keep my hair light in the dull Scottish weather!! Soap and Glory tinted moisturiser and say yes to oranges make up wipes. 

I know some people have issues with make up wipes, for various reasons. But I like these ones lol so that's what I use!

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

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