Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fitness Friday And What I Ate

So I'm not even gonna lie lol I have not been good at all this week!!!

White chocolate magnum for breakfast not even sorry!! I was gonna be good and just eat the chocolate but!! I just ate it all lol so there. 

This is just a sample of fruit I ate. I had lots more ie strawberries and oranges and apples. 

My lovely coworker made an omelet and salad. This is an old pic as I had one of those days where I was starving allllll day so I scoffed before I remember about the pic. But it looked just like this!! 

Then I had another omelet lol this one had potato and peppers in it for my dinner was pretty good :) 

Then I also had stuff like some shortbread and another and another icelollie haha oops. 

Fitness wise I have done nothing again. I am rubbish at this lol I just haven't had time!! Doing housework and working. Then once I have picked holly up I don't like to leave her again with someone else. 

But anyway awful sorry lol

Speak soon
L x

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