Monday, 30 June 2014

Disney Pin Collection

As you may know or not. I am a huge disney fan. I would go to disney world every year for my holidays, hell I would clean the toilets in disney just so I could work there!! 

But unfortunately I don't work there lol so I have my next best thing. I just buy lots of disney stuff. One of them being the pins that you can trade! I love collecting stuff, and the fact it's disney just makes it 10 times better!! 

I have 3 lanyards. 2 of which are full and one I have just started. 

This one here was my very first one back in 2003. This was when I first got into collecting them. I had been going over since 2000 with my parents. 
Here is a close up of some of those original pins. 
Then I started on this one. Can't actually remember the year but it was maybe like 2010. 
Here is the close up of this one. Most of these ones are limited addition ones. 
Then we have my most recent one! 
I only have a few on this one. However I don't have a store close to me that do the pins anymore. So now I get them off of eBay!! You get some awesome bargains let me tell you that! 

Let me know if any of you guys collect these :) 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x