Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Crockets Vet Trip

Crocket had to take a trip to the vet to get his nails clipped. 

Normally I would have done them, and I do do the other twos nails. But they are both white, which means their claws are white and you can see the veins. Crocket is tan and black. So his nails are black and everytime I go to them, I cut one too short and it bleeds. So I decided to take him to the vets. 

He was very grumpy with them lol but it didn't take them long to do and they were done :) and it was only £9.45!! So that's what I will be doing with him from now on!!

Their nails aren't actually that bad as they are outside a lot just now. But in the winter I might take all 3!! We will see. 

Here are some pics of my rabbits. 
They are much bigger now. Infact they don't even fit those leads anymore. Crocket is the tan, well I suppose brown one. 

Here is all 3 together :) with Crocket crushed in the middle. 

Hope yous are having a great week so far :) 
L x

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