Friday, 27 June 2014

ByPost App Review

A couple of months ago I found this app called ByPost. Basically you can buy some credits (I we put prices below) upload a picture of what ever you want, add some writing and send it to a loved one. Couple of days later they will receive a post card in the post :)

I love this app so much. I send them to everyone!! And I thought I would do a post on it as they have a offer till 12am tonight. 

Here are the priced below. 
Buy 1 credit at £1.49
Buy 10 credits at £1.29 or 
Buy 30 credits at £1.09 and get 10 free!! 
How awesome is that. I bought the 30 and got my 10 free as I am absolutely addicted to it lol :) 

Go have a look on the App Store and let me know what you all think

Oh and btw this post is in no way sponsored!! I hate writing stuff like this. But I just like to be clear about these things after all the hoooohaaa that erupted a few months back. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

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