Monday, 30 June 2014

Disney Pin Collection

As you may know or not. I am a huge disney fan. I would go to disney world every year for my holidays, hell I would clean the toilets in disney just so I could work there!! 

But unfortunately I don't work there lol so I have my next best thing. I just buy lots of disney stuff. One of them being the pins that you can trade! I love collecting stuff, and the fact it's disney just makes it 10 times better!! 

I have 3 lanyards. 2 of which are full and one I have just started. 

This one here was my very first one back in 2003. This was when I first got into collecting them. I had been going over since 2000 with my parents. 
Here is a close up of some of those original pins. 
Then I started on this one. Can't actually remember the year but it was maybe like 2010. 
Here is the close up of this one. Most of these ones are limited addition ones. 
Then we have my most recent one! 
I only have a few on this one. However I don't have a store close to me that do the pins anymore. So now I get them off of eBay!! You get some awesome bargains let me tell you that! 

Let me know if any of you guys collect these :) 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Holly's Weekly Outfits.

Mark being a man, sometimes either puts clothes on Holly that don't particularly match or even worse, too small. So each Sunday I leave a pile of clothes out for her for him to pick from.  

Normally I would let him pick what he wants on a Monday as he's off. An normally they don't go far. So it's normally joggies and a tshirt on Mondays. But this week he is working Monday. So I left stuff out lol. Can't have her going to the childminders in god knows what lol

Here is her pile. He will just sift through this and pick what he wants. 

Firstly we have blue next leggings with sliver through them and white trim at the bottom. This is paired with a navy blue and white stripped mini mouse top. I'm sure this is from Asda George. 

Another pair of navy blue next leggings with lots if different shades of blue floweres. This is paired with a white top that says "daddy's gorgeous girl". Again, i think it's an Asda George one. 

Here we have bright flowery gap leggings with a white tinker bell top. I think this top is a George Asda one. 

I also left some stuff out for her incase it was warmish outside. 
Pink strippy top from debenhams and pink with white polkadot shorts. Think theses are Asda George as well. 

A white next dress with pastel coloured flowes on it. This has matching pants with a big bown on the bum :) 

Finally a next top (it's a tunic top. But I use it as a dress) and some white pants :)

I hope you all have a great weekend and have a great week ahead :) 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Our Week In Photos 23rd-29th June 2014

Holly will be 18 months next month. How time flys!!

Monday- We visited the park. This is a big disc swing. She was quite happy to just sit, swing and chill :) 

Tuesday- I made this pesto pasta for Holly's dinner and she loved it :) I will do a sort of recipe blog for this :)

Wednesday- I made this for a snack at work. Broccoli, pine nuts and vinaigrette.  

Thursday- bath time. Playing with her foam letters :)

Friday- someone made the great escape when I was trying to take her home. 

Saturday- someone had a pee explosion!! So here she is sitting watching tv in her nappy. 

Sunday- she stayed at grans on Saturday. So here is Holly out playing in her pjs at 7.30am!!! 

So I was thinking about maybe doing a video on YouTube every Sunday of clips from all during the week. What do you all think?? Would anyone watch them??

Speak soon lovelies
L x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Baby Birds

This wee guy was nearly ate today. Don't worry I saves him :) 

This is a baby starling or stucky as we call them in Scotland. There's a nest just up from my mum and dad's in a houses roof. So that's where this dude has came from. 

I was in the middle of releasing a mouse which one of their cats had caught but it had survived. When this guy appeared. 

So long story short I eventually caught him and my dad was releasing him tonight once all the cats were in. Let's hope he finds his wings before he gets ate!!

Speak soon lovelies. 
L xx

Holly's Haul

Normally I always have a stash of clothes for Holly that is a size bigger than what she is. That way when if she suddenly sprouts I have clothes to fit her!! 

Well mark put leggings in her on Friday that sat clear above her ankles :/ then I realised, I didn't have any bigger ones for her!! So guess what we done today :) 

Firstly we got nappys. Lots of nappies. Can never go wrong with nappies lol one of those things you can not run out of. If you are wondering she is a 4+ now. 

We got her a dress from next with some socks. I love the patchwork!! 

This dress was also from next and it has little pants with it. 

Oh next again. Set of two pairs of legging. All the clothes I buy for her now are 12-18 months. 

These 3 are from gap. I love gap baby. It's all just too cute!!
This set of 2 leggings were the last thing she got lol yet again I just love next clothes. 

Last but not least I got these. Some sun in to keep my hair light in the dull Scottish weather!! Soap and Glory tinted moisturiser and say yes to oranges make up wipes. 

I know some people have issues with make up wipes, for various reasons. But I like these ones lol so that's what I use!

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Friday, 27 June 2014

What I Ate Friday 27.06.14

Well as you all know. I have an endless supply of fruit at my work so, for brekkie I had fruit and water :) 

For lunch I had my saffron potato salad
I'm will be posting a recipe for this later this month. 

Then for dinner I had a cheesy beano. I forgot the picture. But if anyone who doesn't know it's two slices of toast with beans and cheese over them. I had this because, my mum was making rice balls but they were taking ages to make. So they are on tomorrow's menu instead :) 

Also this week I have lost 3lb!!! Wooooo go me :)

Speak soon lovelies
L x

ByPost App Review

A couple of months ago I found this app called ByPost. Basically you can buy some credits (I we put prices below) upload a picture of what ever you want, add some writing and send it to a loved one. Couple of days later they will receive a post card in the post :)

I love this app so much. I send them to everyone!! And I thought I would do a post on it as they have a offer till 12am tonight. 

Here are the priced below. 
Buy 1 credit at £1.49
Buy 10 credits at £1.29 or 
Buy 30 credits at £1.09 and get 10 free!! 
How awesome is that. I bought the 30 and got my 10 free as I am absolutely addicted to it lol :) 

Go have a look on the App Store and let me know what you all think

Oh and btw this post is in no way sponsored!! I hate writing stuff like this. But I just like to be clear about these things after all the hoooohaaa that erupted a few months back. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Yet Another Vet Visit

I think all of the animals in our family are broken lol

First it was pickles at the vets for her vacs. Then it was Crocket for his nails. Now it's my mums cats Jackson and coco. To be fair theirs was worse than mine a lot worse!! 

Jackson wasn't acting hiself. Didn't want to go out and wasn't really eating and Jackson loves his food!! So a small lump appeared in his face at his lower jaw on Wednesday night and by Thursday, the whole side of his face was huge. 

So long story short we took him to the vets and he had been bit by another cat and it had abscessed. So it got lanced, he got antibiotics and pain killers. 

The next day he was fine but coco was limping. Looked at his paw and it was twice the size of usual. Back to the vets!

He had been bit too!!! Only in the paw and the side of his pad had burst open. Honestly. Everyone is fine now. Coco wound was lovely and clean when the vet looked at it, and they decided to just keep an eye on it and give him painkiller if he needed it. So there is a bully cat going about my mum and dad's street!! 
This here is Jackson. He is a tabby with white patches and had medium length hair. 
This here is coco. Most skittish cat award would go to him. I have no idea how he would even get into a fight!! 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Well I thought I would jump on this bandwagon lol. Everyone else is :)

This is a picture I took nearly 3 years ago now. Mark had came to see me at my parents house and fell asleep. Lol I posted it on our Facebook, and I can remember him playing about and calling me a photo creep for taking a photo of him while he slept. 

Speak soon lovelies :) 
L x

My Top Program's

I don't get much time to myself. Let's face it when you work full time, have a 1 year old to look after and have a house to run. You don't get much time to yourself. I normally don't sit down till between 10.30pm and 11pm. An that's on a good day!!

So when I do get to sit down, here are some if the program's that I like to watch when they are on. 

1. Walking dead - when I thought the little girl was gonna kill baby Judith!! I can't even describe my feelings lol
2. The vampire diaries or TVD - it's been a while since I watches this. After having Holly I lost touch with a lot of program's. But I have been catching up and I remember why I love it. 
3. Dracula - I misses this when It was actually airing. But I can catch up on demand. I like how this is more about him (Dracula) having an addiction. Rather than the normal vampire program. 
4. True Blood- I got a bit bored with this a few seasons ago. Then when I found out this was it's last season, I decided to watch again and I'm hooked all over again. 
5. Prison break- I hate to admit it. But I'm really enjoying this program lol. This was a mark program and I had a small hissy fit, as I wasn't going to be able to watch my program's lol but I actually quite like it!!
6. Star Crossed- I really like this program. I like how instead of a normal teen drama it's more like trying to highlight discrimination between cultures. Thought that was a nice touch. 

Haha do you see a link between all of these?? Lol

When I was younger I absolutely loved Buffy and Angel to the point of obsession. An let me tell you all a secret.....I have all the series of Buffy and Angel on DVD!! :D 

Speak soon lovelies :)

L x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Teddies From The Loft

I'm sure everyone is the same in this. My mum and dad still have all my old toys and teddies in the loft from when I was a baby/kid. So I though let's get them all down and sort through them.

Holly now has her own room at my mum and dad's so let split it between the two rooms. 

I think there is about 12 black bags of just teddies. So far we have done 5 and I remember every single teddy that came out of those bags. We even found an old teddy night light that's eyes would glow. Now thinking about it. It was kind of creepy with glowing eyes in the dark. But you don't think of that as a kid!! 

We had to wash them all. As they have been in the loft for a fair few years lol so they had a moldy smell to them. But now they smell and look lovely and Holly loves them!! What else could I ask for :)

I like the thought that she like to play with some of my vintage toys. Eventually I'm hoping to get my old cabbage patch kids down and my old dolls house. 
Here are some of them that I haven't found a home in her room for yet. 
Here are some others lol. Not really found a place yet either!! 

Speak soon 
L x

Scam ITunes Apps

I never knew this but, last Christmas I down loaded a piano app onto my iPad. Basically you pick a song and then hit the wee dots as they fall to play the song. I'm sure you all know which one I'm on about!!

I payed £1.99 (which I was lead to believe was a one off payment) so I could unlock all the songs instead of just the rubbish ones. 

Do you know they are still taking the money off me every month!!! I was looking at the bank last night and though what's that £1.99?? It's that stupid app. 

Now I know everyone will be like Lisa it's only £1.99. But for an app that I don't actually use! An for an app that I was lead to believe that it was a one off payment!! 

Plus when your trying to save like a maniac (that's another post :) ) for a good reason every £1.99 counts. That's £13.93 I could have put towards that special thing!! 

It's just soo annoying! And to top it all off, I still haven't figured out how to stop it coming off! 

I hope none of you get caught out with one of these scam apps!! 

Speak soon 
L x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Indian Circus

I just want to throw this disclaimer out there just now. These two products were sent to me for free, by the company Indian Circus. However all my opinions are my own. 

The lovely company Indian Circus contacted me about a month ago asking if they could send some stuff for me to do a post on. I accepted and have been very excited everytime the postman came, and they finally arrived the other day. 

Top one is a lady's wallet and the bottom one is a glasses pouch. 

First impressions of both products are that they feel like good quality material. The stitchen is all very tidy looking and I love the prints. 

The glasses case is just a standered glasses case. It has a lovely soft sort of material on the inside. 

The wallet is huge!! Just what a busy mum needs. 
As you can see there are lots of slots and pockets and a lovely bit for a photo :). I like the zip compartment as not many big wallets have them. Good for change. 

I won't be doing a review on them just now as I want to give them a good try out first. Then I will let you all know what they are like :) 

You can see the website and all ther products here at you should all go check it out. They have some lovely products. :) 

Speak soon 
L x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Chill Out Jar

I can sometimes be quite a stressed out person, and of course that effects my mood and also others around me. 

So when I feel like I have too much to do and I'm feeling like everything is just getting ontop of me. This is what I have started to use to calm me down. 

I actually seen this for naughty children lol but hey it works. 

First you need a jar, food colouring of your choice, glitter colour of your choice and water

Here I have filled the jar with water nearly right to the top. Put two drops of food colouring in and gave it a mix. You can choice how dark or light your colour is just by adjusting the amount of food colouring. Then I emptied some glitter into it. 

Screw your lid on tight and give it a shake. 

This take about 10mins to totally settle. When I feel like having a total breakdown, I simply give it a shake and while it settling. Create a list in my head of what needs done, what is important for that day and in what order it's gonna get done. 

This I found on Pinterest I think, and it was for naughty children to sit and calm down with. I will defo be trying it on Holly when she's old enough. But for now, it's mine :) 

Hope this helps if your a anxious or stressed person. 

Speak soon :) 

L x

Our Week In Photos. 16th-22ndJune

No real huge milestones this week. Holly's confidence in walking is still growing. She can go in and out doors now on her own. She knows to put what ever she is carrying out first, then follow it out. 

Monday- I was cooking and mark was cutting the grass. So we couldn't leave Holly to wander on her own. So I gave her juice, food and some toys inside the rabbit pen :) 

Tuesday- Holly being a diva with her sunglasses at the child minders. 

Wednesday- I thought this was a cute idea for tattooes lol 

Thursday- My mum, Holly and I went out for dinner and this was on the back of chairs, haha she hates stuff on her head. This pic took ages to get lol

Saturday- My new food obsession. Baked potatoe with mashed butternut squash and carrot inside, and couscous on the side mmmmmmm

Sunday- playtime at the park :) on a big round swing. 

So that is it this week folks. I hope yous are all good and had a great weekend. 

Speak soon
L x