Sunday, 18 May 2014

White Than White part 2

Soo sorry. I've been ill the last couple of days. I will put up 2 posts tonight :) forgive me?? Lol

This first one is whiter than white. I have had issues with tiles for ages now. Specially the ones around the shower. The grout gets all black and orange and god knows what is growing on them. 

I have tried lots of different cleaning products and applied a lot of elbow grease, and yes it's cleaned them but not that well. You can normally see a shadow. 

Now I didn't take a before photo as this was a random post I wanted to do after I seen the results. But I have found an awesome product to clean the tiles with. 

This has on the back for grout so I thought, can't ask for much more. 

All I done was squirt it onto the tiles left for 15mins and rinsed off with the shower. 

BANG and the dirt is gone. Lol sorry couldn't help myself. Before I used it, It was all black and orangey. I mean don't get me wrong, there are still small bits I need to scrub but this is 1000 times better!! 

Seriously recommend this for everyone who has a tiles bathroom. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to let me know :) 

Speak soon :)

L x

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