Friday, 23 May 2014

What I Pack For Traveling With Work

Awful sorry. This was meant to go up last night however, work stuff went on a bit longer than expected. 

The company I work for like to have us down every 4 months for a meeting. So here is what I pack when I am traveling :)

Here we have top left my casual stuff for when I'm just going out to eat at the bar. Just leggings a top and a shirt. Next to that I have the next days outfit. Black trouseres and a white top. Bottom left I have my pjs :). Next to those I have my iPad and my note pad. 

On the other side I have my casual shoes. Just some blue and white cons. Hot chocolate sachet because you never know when you will need a hot chocolate :). My toiletries, make up and make up wipes. 
And it all gets packed into this lovely pink Adidas bag :)

Nothing to exciting. I have some other pics to show yous but I will do a blog on them tonight :) 

Speak soon :) 
L x

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