Friday, 23 May 2014

What I Ate Friday And Fitness

Soooooooo I'm gonna be totally honest with yous. I haven't done any exercise this week at all. So I haven't even weighed myself. I was away Tuesday Wednesday so that has totally thrown me off the rest of the week. 

I had this for breaky this morning. I will post the recipe at a later date but it basically tasted like Apple and pears. Was lovely. 

Had my water as well but I forgot to take a pic andhad the usual problems with drinking water. 5 time 1 hour just redic!! 

Then I had this for lunch. Garlic chips mmmmmm, hot n spicy chicken strips, plain breaded chicken strips, salad and corn on the cob. Ver yummy

I didn't take a photo of dinner as it was like a small tea plate of tomato mince which my dad had with chips. But since I had a huge lunch I wasn't very hungry. 

I'm think of doing a what Holly ate. What do yous think??

That was all I ate today. Still trying to catch up with stuff. I hate traveling!! 

Speak soon 
L x

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