Saturday, 24 May 2014

Traveling For Work

Today is just gonna be a little quick one to let yous know my routine when traveling down South for work :)

I need to travel from Scotland to North wales roughly once every two or three months. It normally takes about 4 hours and that's with a stop at southwaites services. 

I love the scenery on the way down all the big hills and trees are just amazing. I can totally see why people pay to go places to see that kind of stuff. 

We or I depending who's traveling down, hire a car through work. This has been one of the nicest cars so far!! 
It was a brand new vaxhaul mocha. It's like a mini 4x4. Nice and smooth to drive and handles well. I was considering a ford kunga for my next car. But this has thrown a spanner in the works lol. In December we had a new ford focus. That was also lovely. I loved the ice blue lights inside. Very nice. 

I was gonna do a mini hotel room tour but I was that busy I forgot lol. So here is a little look from my hotel window. 

Well that's it :) I hope yous all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Speak soon. 
L x

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