Sunday, 25 May 2014

Our Week In Photos 19th-25thMay14

Holly is giving out kisses willy nilly now!! It's great!!! 

I found this photo on Monday of Winnie the Pooh being jaba the hut from Star Wars. Made me laugh. 

On Tuesday I thought I would save the world, One Starbucks cup at a time and purchased this reusable cup from them. 
You get so much off your drink each time you buy one if you give them this cup to refill with. 

This was the view from my hotel in wales on Wednesday, as I was down there with work for a couple of days. 

Thursday - someone was awful sleepy!! 

Friday morning she looks like chucky!!! 

Saturday - Holly was cought waving Hi!! 

Sunday I made some chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmmmmmm :)

I hope everyone had an awesome week and I hope yous are enjoying the bank holiday :)

L x

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