Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our Pets

Today I'm going to talk to you all about all of our pet that we have just now. I have had a lot of different spices so I will do another post on some of the others I have had!!

So first off we have 3 cats, 3 rabbits, a chameleon, tortoise and some ghost shrimp. 

This here is Crocket and Tubbs. This was when they were babies. They don't fit those leads anymore. 
Here are all 3 if my babies together. Crocket and Tubbs are both males and Thumper is a lady :) 
Here is a better one of her. 

So they boys live together in a two teir hutch and Thunper lives in her own in a one teir hutch. Now this is just temporary as we will be building a new bigger hutch and run for them so there is enough space and running room for all 3 to live together :). I would say though, the rabbits come inside ever night to get a run around for a few hours. But that's always once the kids are in bed. Rabbits are not kid friendly dispite what everyone says. If you hurt a rabbit it will bite you. They wouldn't do it on purpose but it's just better to wait till they are sleeping. Also I would recommend if you get a rabbit, to get pet insurance!! Rabbits have a habit of getting over sides teeth and they need cut down by the vet. It can be very costly. So always have pet insurance. Mine is with pet plan and it's £30.44 for all 3. I'm sure there are other place you could get it from. 

Here is Cheety and Pickles. 
Here is Harley and Pickles. 

Cheety and Harley are boys. Pickles is a girl. They boys have been chipped and snipped. Neutering them is meant to stop them wandering away looking for lady cats. However lol Harley still goes looking!! The boys are 2 years old and Pickles is only 5 months. So she's not been chipped or snipped yet and she hasn't had any vaccinations yet either. This will hopefully all happen next month. We don't want any baby cats lol.  Again it's important to have cat insurance as if anything goes wrong, it can be costly. Mine is with animal friends which is £12.64 a month. But again you can get it from a number of places. 

Here is Charles the chameleon. He is 5 years old and lives in the living room in a vivarium. He eats wax worms and sometimes hoppers. He's getting old now so most of the time he picks the easy food, which is the wax worms lol but he's a cool wee guy. He hate mark lol he hisses at him but he's fine with me. Again lol he's insured. Just incase. He is £10.48 and it's through exotic pet direct. 

Here is Baby Hut my tortoise. He is also 5 years old. He will live till he is about 80 years old. I don't hibernate him but if I was to, he would live to over 100. He eats mostly green salad leaves with some vitamins. But he loves baby sweet corns, tomatoes and cucumbers.  He lives in a vivarium also in my living room. He is also insured through exotic pet direct for £11.85 a month. 

Here is my small tank with my ghost shrimp in them.  They are extremely easy to look after. I hardly feed them as they eat the alge in the tank. But they get some bloodworm as a treat. 

If anyone has any questions about anything leave a comment and I will get back to you :) 

L x