Friday, 30 May 2014

My Vitamins

I thought I would show you all the vitamina I take. I was gonna say all my vitamins but I don't take that much lol 

Here they are
The white box is my iron tablets. I take two a day. I started these while I was pregnant with Holly as I was a bit anemic and quite tired all the time. Then when I had Holly I just kept taking them. I find that when I stop I get really tired. 

Then I have my vit c. This just keeps my vitamin c up, Helps fight off all those colds :). These are the ones you pop into a glass of water. When I first started to take them, I didn't know I had to put them in water (I didn't read the instructions) and I ate it and foam was coming out my mouth and nose. It was funny to see lol. 

I always take my vitamins with my breakfast. Other wise I feel sick. 

Well that's it and I hope you liked it. This was meant to go up yesterday 29th but I am just so busy just now. I'm finding it kind of hard to keep up. But I'm working at it :) 

L x

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