Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Money Budgeting

I thought I would do a little post on money budgeting tonight, and what tips I have found help me. 

When we first had Holly. We really struggled for about 6 months till we got all of out bills sorted out. Plus, we had to get used to the fact we had a baby now, we couldn't just go but what we wanted anymore. 

The first thing that helped us was looking at how much we each got payed. We then looked at what bills came out when. Next we split the bills up so that there would still be money left over from each pay to do us till the next. Then we phoned up each bill and get it to come out on the day of pay. This way all the bills will come out on the day of pay and the money that's left will is ours. 

I also found that having a diary helped a lot.  Not gonna show my diary in this post as I have another one planned for that but I have what bills come out on what days. That way each morning I can check the bank to see what's came out and when.  

Once all the bills have came out. I get a big food shop. I'm not gonna lie it's normally to Iceland as the stuff is cheap but pretty good quality for the price as well. I can make a full toast dinner on £7, which I think is pretty damn good. So I guess what I'm saying is find a food shop which is cheap but has good quality food and do a big shop then. This way there will always be food even if your skint. 

I also tend to stick up on anything I need for Holly. This was basically trial and error. I had to work out what shops to get stuff from that again was heap but good quality or good deals. For instance I get her a box of pampers nappies from home bargains as it's a really good deal. I will get her bubble bath and bum wipes from Asda as I can get them for £1. If I need ready meals for her. I will got to sainsbury, as they have a good deal on Ella's kitchen. 

It's small things like this that help. Don't get me wrong, we still need to borrow from my mum and dad but it's really only on the 5months months now. 

I hope this helped

L x

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