Thursday, 15 May 2014

Holly's Routine Part 2

This is going to be about Holly's Saturday  routine. I did say in my other post that she only had two. But the more I think about it she actually has 3. So I will do the other one later. 

Holly normally wakes between 7am and 7.30am, but will sit and play with her toys till about 8.30am. She has some teddies that talk in her bed with her. 

She has breakfasts at about 9.30am. Which normally now is toast with jam or butter in it. 

She then plays in her ball pit till about 11am then she goes down for her nap till 12pm. 

At 12pm I get her up and get her dressed as we normally meet my mum on a Saturday at our local shopping centre. 

When we go shopping I always make sure I have the fruit pouches and a made up milk bottle. I don't really like giving her milk during the day. But it helps if she gets fussy. We also grab some lunch while we are out :) 
After shopping we head to my mum and dad's house. She sits and plays and watched disney till 6pm which is dinner time. At the moment Holly's fav dinner is mash potatoes, peas, carrots and beef gravy. 

Then at 7pm it's bath time. She loves her baths. She would sit and play in just an empty bath if I would let her 
She normally wants out about 20mins into it, so she's out and into her pjs. This is normally when she gets her milk bottle at 7.30pm. 
Then we leave my mums at about 8pm. We are in the house and Holly is back in bed for 8.30pm. However I am having problems getting her to sleep just now at night. I think it's time that we start to cut out some nap times. 

Thanks for reading :) 

L x


  1. yeah very true Lisa ... i have cut down some nap times for my daughter as well and she sleeps better now at night :) xx

    1. We are in a changing stage just now lol trying to adjust it so she not grumpy :)