Monday, 19 May 2014

Holly's Fav Program's

I always wanted a Disney a baby. So when it was a girl, I was ecstatic!! From the min she came home, till now I have drilled disney into her. Some might call it brain washing, lol I call it a mother with a disney obsession. 

Don't get me worng, she loves disney just like I wanted. BUT not the types of disney I wanted lol. I wanted tangled and frozen all the girly ones. No Holly's fav is Jake and the never land pirates..... Really!!!!

Here are Holly's fav.
1. Jake and the never land pirates 
2.Curious George 
3. Sofia ( :D )
4. Doc mcstuffings ( :D )

I don't sit her in front of the tv before anyone comments on this. I play with her, I read to her, I sing to her. But sometimes in order to get stuff done. I do sit her in front of the tv with some smoothie and some wotsits so I can get stuff done. 

But don't worry. There's still hope for Tangled. I have a few years yet :)

I'm traveling for work tomorrow, so tomorrow's blog will be about that :)

Hope you all had an awesome Monday :)  

L x


  1. they all are great Tv shows :) however do love to watch Sophia LOL xx

    1. I find myself watching them even when Holly's sleeping lol :)