Saturday, 3 May 2014

Grilled Halloumi cheese salad with Chilli and Lime dressing

This was meant to go up last night. However I fell asleep after a busy week at work and after work. So here's two tonight. 

I posted pictures of this a few time when I do a what I eat post. 

To serve one person, for the dressing you will need the following. 
The juice of two limes. 
One teaspoon of chilli flakes. 
Half a teaspoon of parsley (either dried or freshly chopped your choice). 
One tablespoon of olive oil (or again which ever oil you prefer). 

Add all these ingredient into a long shallow bowl and give them a mix. 

Next slice up some tomatoes and place them in the dressing and pour some over them. 

Next you want to dry fry your red peppers. So it important to use a non stick pan. This way you get the nice black charred bits. On a medium to high heat this will only take a few minutes. So keep an eye in them. Once cooked add these to the dressing bowl with the tomatoes, and pour some of the dressing over them as well. 

Next turn the heat down to a low to medium heat and cut up the cheese to place in the pan. While this is cooking you can set the plates up with some green salad leaves, the tomatoes and the peppers. But keep the dressing you will need that for the cheese. Cook the cheese until you have a golden brown colour on each side then place in the leftover salad dressing. Baste the cheese and leave it in the dressing for 5mins. 

Add cheese to your plate and pour over the dressing and you will have a lovely tasting salad :) 


L x


  1. this looks really delicious!

    x Maria
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