Monday, 26 May 2014

Garden Update!!

Now that some stuff has growen. I thought I would give everyone a little update!!  

These are 3 out of my 4 strawberry hangers. They are actually just handing baskets with strawberry plants but shhhhh lol and as you can see they are growing great!! They are huge and I have lots of flowers. Some the petals have fallen off of too!!

But this one doesn't seen to be doing to well I has one flower. This was a different variety compared to the rest, and it just isn't growing as well. 

These are my pea pods. I need to get then tied to the fence but they seem to be coming on well. 

This is my rhubarb!! Look how big it is!! I remember thinking it might die because of the change of soil. But it loves it lol. Some rhubarb crumble is in the cards. 

Here are my potatoes!! Believe it or not, There is only 5 in this lol. They need to be tied up as well so the stems don't break. But they are doing fine as well. 

Lastly this is my new addition, carrots!! As you can see. Nothing yet, but the won't be picked until probably October. So I haven't tried them in a potato planter before. Normally I grow carrots and parsnips in pipes. So this is an experiment. 

Hope you all enjoyed my up date :) 

Speak soon :)
L x

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