Friday, 30 May 2014

Fitness Friday ands What I Ate 30may14

So I have done no exersice this week and my scales ran outta battery. But I dout I have lost anything anyway as I have ate like a pig!!

I have been really bad and skipping brekkie these days. I'm just so busy with work, making sure Holly's ok at home and mark has the right clothes for her lol. This working mummy thing is haard work!! 

So I had some strawberries. Maybe about 3 or 4. They are the first Scottish strawberries of the season. They are amazing!! Lol

So for lunch I had an omlette 2 eggs and lots of veg, cheese and ham :) yum. Tipped off with salad :)

Then I had a chocolate eclair and and Belgium pudding with a runny centre. 

Then it got worse as I had a 4 in 1 and ate chicken nuggets which probably weren't even chicken lol. Chicken nuggets and chips. I also had some cheeses potato skins but they were first. 

That is all I ate today thankfully lol I also had my water with me all day but only drank 1l. 

Hope this was ok :) 

L x

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