Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fitness And What I Ate Friday

Sorry this didn't go up lastnight guys. But here is is now. 

At the moment I weight 12st 10oz. My ideal weight is 9st. My height is 5f 7in. Before I had Holly I was 10st. I know and I knew then I would need to lose the weight but I just thought stuff it. I will deal with that later lol so here we are lol. 

So this week I have be using the app go running, and since I'm not used to it I have just been running a little around my houses. It works out to be 0.66 miles. I tell you what though, my shins are killing me constantly lol. So I have done that 4 days this week. 

I also got the 7min work out app. This just basically give you seven different work outs that you need to hold in position for 1min. So far I have done that 3 times this week. 

Here is what I ate on Friday :) 

Had my water first thing. I drank 3 of these and had the usual issues with the toilet!! 

Breakfast was a strawberry and banana smoothie. I will put the recipe up for this later. 

I had this roast Butternut Squash. We had a mixed bean and green pepper filling. I will add this recipe later as well. 

My mum and I then went out after work. So I didn't get a main as I was still stuffed from the lunch I had. So I just had this Golden Nugget Cheese Cake. It was amazing. 

I will weigh myself again next Friday and see if this exercise has had any effect :)

Speak soon 

L x

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