Saturday, 3 May 2014

Does Your Baby Really Need A Dummy

Does your baby really need a dummy?? My personal answer to this is no. I know that some people will disagree and say yes they do. However I just don't agree with that. 

I breast fed Holly for 6 months, and I never gave her a dummy. We did buy them. Hence the above picture. But Holly never took to them. Which I'm glad of. 

They can harbour a lot of germs. I know that so do fingers lol but I can't stand the thought of a rubber germ in Holly's mouth. They can cause issues with their teeth. You can buy orthodontist ones. These are flat rather than cherry shaped. But I still didn't want to take the chance. They can cause your baby to have issues with wind. The bad list goes on and on in my opinion. 

The good part (or so the claim) is that it can sooth your child when they are crying. In my opinion if your baby is crying, something is wrong and you need to fix it. Not stick a dummy in its month to "sooth" it. 

The first few weeks when you have a new baby turns your world upside down. An if your baby is crying a lot and you are a first time parent, this can be a hard time and trust me I can see why people would just stick a dummy in their mouths to stop them. But I just think that you need to figure out what's wrong with it. Try burping the baby (possibly give them medicine to help with wind), check their nappy, are they hungry or are they tired?? 

Everyone is different. Some people swear by dummies. My stepson had a dummy, and it was a nightmare to take off him. He finally stopped using it when he was 4 years old!! An I swore, I wasn't going through that with Holly. 

When rereading this, lol it looks very negative! I like my posts like this to be neutral but!! I just hate dummies lol and I can't stress enough how you need to find out why your baby is crying rather than sticking a dummy in their mouths. In my opinion lol. 

I also stress that it's a parents own choice and this is just my opinion. 

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. 

L x

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