Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Soft Boiled Egg

This might not be very interesting for some people. But this blog is about my life and at points my daily struggle!! Lol An boiling a soft egg has always been one of my daily struggles. So here's how I've learned to do it.

I place my egg in cold water and switch it to number 6. 

Meanwhile I put cold water into the kettle.  I wait on my water in the egg pan to boil. 

Once it's started to boil, and it needs to be like the first boil bubble you see lol so you need to keep a close eye on it. Switch the kettle on. 

Once the kettle has boiled, remove the egg. Normally I will run it under cold water a couple times to cool it down. But it's up to you how you get the egg to peel. 

Peel your egg and voila!! A soft boiled egg. The kettle is a great timer. 

I've tried using egg timers and this is the only way I can do a soft boiled egg. I always end up boiling it for too long. Then you need to add butter to it. But this way is much healthier. 

Hope this isn't to boring lol 

L x


  1. i agree with you dear .. soft boiled eggs are much healthier :) Good job girl !! xx

    1. Thanks :) just glad I finally got it lol