Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Broken Into House

Now don't worry, It wasn't my house that got broken into. But the house next door that we are joined too!! 

They went in through the patio door. No one has lived there for about 2 months now and so there wasn't anyting much for them to take but, they took what was left. 

They don't know when it was done but it's scary to think that I was in my house on my own with Holly when it happend! Mark works 2-10 but sometimes doesn't get in till 11 or 11.30pm!! So I'm on my own with Holly from 8.30pm till he gets in!!

Sometimes I leave the kitchen window open for the cats, or I leave the laptop out when I'm finished with it, and even leave the iPad on the couch. Now I'm very wary of where I leave things. 

The police said the likelyhood of them breaking into 2 houses in one street is very unlikely, never mind ones right next door to each other. But it's still a worry. 

I mean we have house insurance and contents insurance. But it's still a worry when I have Holly to look after aswell. I normally always have the doors locked when I'm in on my own and now I will have the doors bolted aswell. So fingers crossed everything will be ok. 

Well with that horrible post over with I will go for the night :) I hope you all have a great week ahead of you. I'm going down to wales for work this Tuesday and Wednesday. So expect some posts about that :) 
L x

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