Wednesday, 14 May 2014

2 Huge Mile Stones For Holly

Well this week Holly has had 2 huge mile stones. 

First one was 2 days ago. She started to walk!! 5 steps in a row and now she's trying to walk as much as possible. How great is that!!! I was worried! I was beginning to thing there was something wrong with her legs!! But she's all good :)

Second one was last night. She gave me her first kiss!! Then she kissed her gran and grandad!! Oh and fave the minion lol.  I was crying so much. She just leant over and kissed me. It was such an awesome moment!! 

So with all that said here are some pictures of my little lamb :) 


Thanks for reading. 

L x


  1. she is such a cutie !! love her smile :) xx

  2. hehe my little boy is like that too :)

    I finally switched to a .com, i really hope you will come and subscribe to me there and continue to support me, i have not forgotten about you :D Giveaway coming in next two days :)

    1. I will defo come have a look :)