Saturday, 10 May 2014

10 Questions About Me

Sooooooo I thought i would do some questions so yous can get to know me better. 

1. So you have any pets?
Yes!! I have lots. 3 cats, 3 rabbits, chameleon, shrimps and a snail!!

2. Do you drive?? If so what?
Yes I drive and it's a black ford fiesta 

3. What type of movies do you like?
I like chick flicks, horrors and comedies

4. What countries have you been to??
I have been to America, France, England and Portugal 

5. Where you you food shop?
I shop in Asda and Iceland

6. Do you have any siblings?
Nope. Just little old me. 

7. Contacts or glasses?
None. I don't need any :)

8. Do you colour your hair?? 
Nope, I'm light blonde. So I'm too scared to dye incase it won't go back. However I have dyed bits of it pink and blue before. 

9. When was the last time you cried??
All the time, and it's only started since I had Holly! I cry at everything!

10. The last thing you seen at the cinema?
The Lego movie!! I thought it was amazing. Mark hmmmm not so much. 

I will so another one next month. I wil also do another one about Holly :) 

Speak soon 

L x


  1. love your blog! i'm so nosy haha :) followed your blog, i'd appreciate it you could follow me back too? :) xxx

    1. Thanks very much. I will have a look at yours too and follow of course :)

  2. Cute post! xx

  3. lucky girl ... no glasses or contacts :) xx

    1. I'm sure I will need them at some point lol :)