Saturday, 31 May 2014

Children's Room Decoration

So I have been thinking if re doing Holly's room but can't decide what I want!! 

At the moment one wall is pink and the others are cream. 

Here are some of my inspirations. 
I love the orange and yellow stripes. I think though I would do the top half yellow, have some sorta border round the middle and have orange on the bottom. 

But I also love that other owl one for a main wall!!! I just don't know. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you all think. 

L x

Friday, 30 May 2014

Fitness Friday ands What I Ate 30may14

So I have done no exersice this week and my scales ran outta battery. But I dout I have lost anything anyway as I have ate like a pig!!

I have been really bad and skipping brekkie these days. I'm just so busy with work, making sure Holly's ok at home and mark has the right clothes for her lol. This working mummy thing is haard work!! 

So I had some strawberries. Maybe about 3 or 4. They are the first Scottish strawberries of the season. They are amazing!! Lol

So for lunch I had an omlette 2 eggs and lots of veg, cheese and ham :) yum. Tipped off with salad :)

Then I had a chocolate eclair and and Belgium pudding with a runny centre. 

Then it got worse as I had a 4 in 1 and ate chicken nuggets which probably weren't even chicken lol. Chicken nuggets and chips. I also had some cheeses potato skins but they were first. 

That is all I ate today thankfully lol I also had my water with me all day but only drank 1l. 

Hope this was ok :) 

L x

Holly's Walking!!!

I was so worried I was doing something wrong and her leg bones maybe weren't As strong as they should be. But she's off and running on her own now. Today was the first time she has walked pretty much all night. Here are some pics. 

I am sooo happy that she's off and running. I really was worried as she is 15 months at the end of June!!! I know lots of babies that were like 9 or 10 months when they started. But she catching up to them.

Speak soon 

L x

My Vitamins

I thought I would show you all the vitamina I take. I was gonna say all my vitamins but I don't take that much lol 

Here they are
The white box is my iron tablets. I take two a day. I started these while I was pregnant with Holly as I was a bit anemic and quite tired all the time. Then when I had Holly I just kept taking them. I find that when I stop I get really tired. 

Then I have my vit c. This just keeps my vitamin c up, Helps fight off all those colds :). These are the ones you pop into a glass of water. When I first started to take them, I didn't know I had to put them in water (I didn't read the instructions) and I ate it and foam was coming out my mouth and nose. It was funny to see lol. 

I always take my vitamins with my breakfast. Other wise I feel sick. 

Well that's it and I hope you liked it. This was meant to go up yesterday 29th but I am just so busy just now. I'm finding it kind of hard to keep up. But I'm working at it :) 

L x

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Money Budgeting

I thought I would do a little post on money budgeting tonight, and what tips I have found help me. 

When we first had Holly. We really struggled for about 6 months till we got all of out bills sorted out. Plus, we had to get used to the fact we had a baby now, we couldn't just go but what we wanted anymore. 

The first thing that helped us was looking at how much we each got payed. We then looked at what bills came out when. Next we split the bills up so that there would still be money left over from each pay to do us till the next. Then we phoned up each bill and get it to come out on the day of pay. This way all the bills will come out on the day of pay and the money that's left will is ours. 

I also found that having a diary helped a lot.  Not gonna show my diary in this post as I have another one planned for that but I have what bills come out on what days. That way each morning I can check the bank to see what's came out and when.  

Once all the bills have came out. I get a big food shop. I'm not gonna lie it's normally to Iceland as the stuff is cheap but pretty good quality for the price as well. I can make a full toast dinner on £7, which I think is pretty damn good. So I guess what I'm saying is find a food shop which is cheap but has good quality food and do a big shop then. This way there will always be food even if your skint. 

I also tend to stick up on anything I need for Holly. This was basically trial and error. I had to work out what shops to get stuff from that again was heap but good quality or good deals. For instance I get her a box of pampers nappies from home bargains as it's a really good deal. I will get her bubble bath and bum wipes from Asda as I can get them for £1. If I need ready meals for her. I will got to sainsbury, as they have a good deal on Ella's kitchen. 

It's small things like this that help. Don't get me wrong, we still need to borrow from my mum and dad but it's really only on the 5months months now. 

I hope this helped

L x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Visit to the dentist part 1

In recent years the dentist hasn't bothered me. Unlike when I was little, and I swear my parents took me to a butcher dressed as a dentist. 

I have had a series of root treatments on one tooth a few years back which in turn, wreaked the tooth and it eventually broke. I think it's been broken now for about 2 years. 

So today I went to the dentist excited about getting it crowned and having a full set of nashers again. But that all went up in flames. As she was doing what she was doing, the tooth was too weak and it was just flaking away. So in the end, there wasn't enough tooth left to actually crown. 

I am absolutely gutted to admit this but, this time next week I will have a false tooth. My options after being told the crown wouldn't work are to have a false plate fitted or have transplant. 

I need to look into transplants more as the only thing I've heard is it's extremely sore. But for now it's a false plate. I can't even tell you how gutted I am. I don't want a false tooth but at the same time I don't want a gap. 

Oh well I suppose it will be best for now but I will definetly be looking into transplants. 

I hope you all have a great week. 
L x

Monday, 26 May 2014

Garden Update!!

Now that some stuff has growen. I thought I would give everyone a little update!!  

These are 3 out of my 4 strawberry hangers. They are actually just handing baskets with strawberry plants but shhhhh lol and as you can see they are growing great!! They are huge and I have lots of flowers. Some the petals have fallen off of too!!

But this one doesn't seen to be doing to well I has one flower. This was a different variety compared to the rest, and it just isn't growing as well. 

These are my pea pods. I need to get then tied to the fence but they seem to be coming on well. 

This is my rhubarb!! Look how big it is!! I remember thinking it might die because of the change of soil. But it loves it lol. Some rhubarb crumble is in the cards. 

Here are my potatoes!! Believe it or not, There is only 5 in this lol. They need to be tied up as well so the stems don't break. But they are doing fine as well. 

Lastly this is my new addition, carrots!! As you can see. Nothing yet, but the won't be picked until probably October. So I haven't tried them in a potato planter before. Normally I grow carrots and parsnips in pipes. So this is an experiment. 

Hope you all enjoyed my up date :) 

Speak soon :)
L x

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Our Week In Photos 19th-25thMay14

Holly is giving out kisses willy nilly now!! It's great!!! 

I found this photo on Monday of Winnie the Pooh being jaba the hut from Star Wars. Made me laugh. 

On Tuesday I thought I would save the world, One Starbucks cup at a time and purchased this reusable cup from them. 
You get so much off your drink each time you buy one if you give them this cup to refill with. 

This was the view from my hotel in wales on Wednesday, as I was down there with work for a couple of days. 

Thursday - someone was awful sleepy!! 

Friday morning she looks like chucky!!! 

Saturday - Holly was cought waving Hi!! 

Sunday I made some chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmmmmmm :)

I hope everyone had an awesome week and I hope yous are enjoying the bank holiday :)

L x

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Traveling For Work

Today is just gonna be a little quick one to let yous know my routine when traveling down South for work :)

I need to travel from Scotland to North wales roughly once every two or three months. It normally takes about 4 hours and that's with a stop at southwaites services. 

I love the scenery on the way down all the big hills and trees are just amazing. I can totally see why people pay to go places to see that kind of stuff. 

We or I depending who's traveling down, hire a car through work. This has been one of the nicest cars so far!! 
It was a brand new vaxhaul mocha. It's like a mini 4x4. Nice and smooth to drive and handles well. I was considering a ford kunga for my next car. But this has thrown a spanner in the works lol. In December we had a new ford focus. That was also lovely. I loved the ice blue lights inside. Very nice. 

I was gonna do a mini hotel room tour but I was that busy I forgot lol. So here is a little look from my hotel window. 

Well that's it :) I hope yous all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Speak soon. 
L x

Friday, 23 May 2014

What I Pack For Traveling With Work

Awful sorry. This was meant to go up last night however, work stuff went on a bit longer than expected. 

The company I work for like to have us down every 4 months for a meeting. So here is what I pack when I am traveling :)

Here we have top left my casual stuff for when I'm just going out to eat at the bar. Just leggings a top and a shirt. Next to that I have the next days outfit. Black trouseres and a white top. Bottom left I have my pjs :). Next to those I have my iPad and my note pad. 

On the other side I have my casual shoes. Just some blue and white cons. Hot chocolate sachet because you never know when you will need a hot chocolate :). My toiletries, make up and make up wipes. 
And it all gets packed into this lovely pink Adidas bag :)

Nothing to exciting. I have some other pics to show yous but I will do a blog on them tonight :) 

Speak soon :) 
L x

What I Ate Friday And Fitness

Soooooooo I'm gonna be totally honest with yous. I haven't done any exercise this week at all. So I haven't even weighed myself. I was away Tuesday Wednesday so that has totally thrown me off the rest of the week. 

I had this for breaky this morning. I will post the recipe at a later date but it basically tasted like Apple and pears. Was lovely. 

Had my water as well but I forgot to take a pic andhad the usual problems with drinking water. 5 time 1 hour just redic!! 

Then I had this for lunch. Garlic chips mmmmmm, hot n spicy chicken strips, plain breaded chicken strips, salad and corn on the cob. Ver yummy

I didn't take a photo of dinner as it was like a small tea plate of tomato mince which my dad had with chips. But since I had a huge lunch I wasn't very hungry. 

I'm think of doing a what Holly ate. What do yous think??

That was all I ate today. Still trying to catch up with stuff. I hate traveling!! 

Speak soon 
L x

Monday, 19 May 2014

Holly's Fav Program's

I always wanted a Disney a baby. So when it was a girl, I was ecstatic!! From the min she came home, till now I have drilled disney into her. Some might call it brain washing, lol I call it a mother with a disney obsession. 

Don't get me worng, she loves disney just like I wanted. BUT not the types of disney I wanted lol. I wanted tangled and frozen all the girly ones. No Holly's fav is Jake and the never land pirates..... Really!!!!

Here are Holly's fav.
1. Jake and the never land pirates 
2.Curious George 
3. Sofia ( :D )
4. Doc mcstuffings ( :D )

I don't sit her in front of the tv before anyone comments on this. I play with her, I read to her, I sing to her. But sometimes in order to get stuff done. I do sit her in front of the tv with some smoothie and some wotsits so I can get stuff done. 

But don't worry. There's still hope for Tangled. I have a few years yet :)

I'm traveling for work tomorrow, so tomorrow's blog will be about that :)

Hope you all had an awesome Monday :)  

L x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Broken Into House

Now don't worry, It wasn't my house that got broken into. But the house next door that we are joined too!! 

They went in through the patio door. No one has lived there for about 2 months now and so there wasn't anyting much for them to take but, they took what was left. 

They don't know when it was done but it's scary to think that I was in my house on my own with Holly when it happend! Mark works 2-10 but sometimes doesn't get in till 11 or 11.30pm!! So I'm on my own with Holly from 8.30pm till he gets in!!

Sometimes I leave the kitchen window open for the cats, or I leave the laptop out when I'm finished with it, and even leave the iPad on the couch. Now I'm very wary of where I leave things. 

The police said the likelyhood of them breaking into 2 houses in one street is very unlikely, never mind ones right next door to each other. But it's still a worry. 

I mean we have house insurance and contents insurance. But it's still a worry when I have Holly to look after aswell. I normally always have the doors locked when I'm in on my own and now I will have the doors bolted aswell. So fingers crossed everything will be ok. 

Well with that horrible post over with I will go for the night :) I hope you all have a great week ahead of you. I'm going down to wales for work this Tuesday and Wednesday. So expect some posts about that :) 
L x

Our Week In Photos 12th of May - 18th of May.

Holly is walking a lot more now :) she still stumbles and falls but she's doing sooo well :) 

This made me laugh on a Mondays morning when I don't want to go to work. Still makes me giggle lol

Tuesday- Holly is getting much more adventures!! She is climbing the big kids toys all on her own now and now she's trying to go the wrong way up the slide!! Don't worry the childminder was with her :)

Wednesday- only in Scotland could the east sky looks like thunder and the west sky, not a cloud to be seen!!

Thursday- I had a little smiley face in the back of the car. She closes her eyes when you say cheese, as she thinks the flash will blind her. Even if there's no flash!! Lol

Friday- another smiley face in the morning with her juice and mini mouse pillow. 

Saturday- we have a smiley face in the bath. She loves baths!! 

Sunday- a sneak peak at an upcoming post ;) 

I hope you all had a lovely week

Speak soon
L x

White Than White part 2

Soo sorry. I've been ill the last couple of days. I will put up 2 posts tonight :) forgive me?? Lol

This first one is whiter than white. I have had issues with tiles for ages now. Specially the ones around the shower. The grout gets all black and orange and god knows what is growing on them. 

I have tried lots of different cleaning products and applied a lot of elbow grease, and yes it's cleaned them but not that well. You can normally see a shadow. 

Now I didn't take a before photo as this was a random post I wanted to do after I seen the results. But I have found an awesome product to clean the tiles with. 

This has on the back for grout so I thought, can't ask for much more. 

All I done was squirt it onto the tiles left for 15mins and rinsed off with the shower. 

BANG and the dirt is gone. Lol sorry couldn't help myself. Before I used it, It was all black and orangey. I mean don't get me wrong, there are still small bits I need to scrub but this is 1000 times better!! 

Seriously recommend this for everyone who has a tiles bathroom. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to let me know :) 

Speak soon :)

L x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Holly's Routine Part 2

This is going to be about Holly's Saturday  routine. I did say in my other post that she only had two. But the more I think about it she actually has 3. So I will do the other one later. 

Holly normally wakes between 7am and 7.30am, but will sit and play with her toys till about 8.30am. She has some teddies that talk in her bed with her. 

She has breakfasts at about 9.30am. Which normally now is toast with jam or butter in it. 

She then plays in her ball pit till about 11am then she goes down for her nap till 12pm. 

At 12pm I get her up and get her dressed as we normally meet my mum on a Saturday at our local shopping centre. 

When we go shopping I always make sure I have the fruit pouches and a made up milk bottle. I don't really like giving her milk during the day. But it helps if she gets fussy. We also grab some lunch while we are out :) 
After shopping we head to my mum and dad's house. She sits and plays and watched disney till 6pm which is dinner time. At the moment Holly's fav dinner is mash potatoes, peas, carrots and beef gravy. 

Then at 7pm it's bath time. She loves her baths. She would sit and play in just an empty bath if I would let her 
She normally wants out about 20mins into it, so she's out and into her pjs. This is normally when she gets her milk bottle at 7.30pm. 
Then we leave my mums at about 8pm. We are in the house and Holly is back in bed for 8.30pm. However I am having problems getting her to sleep just now at night. I think it's time that we start to cut out some nap times. 

Thanks for reading :) 

L x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

2 Huge Mile Stones For Holly

Well this week Holly has had 2 huge mile stones. 

First one was 2 days ago. She started to walk!! 5 steps in a row and now she's trying to walk as much as possible. How great is that!!! I was worried! I was beginning to thing there was something wrong with her legs!! But she's all good :)

Second one was last night. She gave me her first kiss!! Then she kissed her gran and grandad!! Oh and fave the minion lol.  I was crying so much. She just leant over and kissed me. It was such an awesome moment!! 

So with all that said here are some pictures of my little lamb :) 


Thanks for reading. 

L x