Friday, 4 April 2014

Pampers vs Little Angels

When I was pregnant with holly everyone told me. "You can go cheap on a lot of things but not the nappies". So I'm going to do a review on Pampers vs Asda own brand Little Angels

Above we have a size 4 Pampers nappy. I like the bright coloured design on it, and I like the straps which hold the nappy on. These range from £8.00 to £10 for 34 nappies depending where you shop.

Here is the Asda own brand Little Angels. I don't like the design as much on these ones. But that doesn't really matter as they are under her clothes. But I like the straps on these ones as well. These are normally £6.45 for 42 nappies. However Asda normally have the offer of 2 for £10 on.

Here they are both open. When I opened them both up. I noticed that the scrunchy part around the legs is tighter on the little angles. That's why it doesn't sit as well as the pampers in the picture. But apart from that. Thickness, size and sticky straps are all pretty much the same.

Above is Holly in her little angels. Pretty good fit if you ask me. Not to tight round her legs, but tight enough to avoid leaks.

Sorry this picture isn't that good. It was hard to get her to stop moving about. But again, pretty good fit. Tight but not to tight so as to prevent leaks.

In my opinion. That person I was talking about at the beginning, was talking rubbish. I personally buy the pampers nappies when I have just been payed. However the rest of the month I buy little angels. I personally don't see a difference when she wears them. If they are properly put on there are no leaks and she hardly ever has a problem with nappy rash anymore. There is no reason people shouldn't opt for the cheaper brand. They work just as well :)

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  1. Great post dear !! i use Pampers diapers on my daughter who is two but I always try other brands ... and they all are pretty much the same in the fraction of cost. xx

    1. Yeah I want to try the morrisons own brand next. See what they are like. :)

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  3. cute
    Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

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