Thursday, 10 April 2014

What I Ate Thursday

Well today was an early start at 4am!! And in work for 5am!! Then worked till 3pm phew. Same tomorrow. I might get to leave early though :)

So today started off with my usual!!

I desperately needed sugar and caffeine this morning!! So 3 biscuits dunked in my tea it was.

I had breakfast at about 7am. 2 large boiled eggs with salt. However I did find out today there was 100cals per egg!!! What!!! Need to be cutting that down lol

I had this snack about 10am. This is just a chosen by you strawberry yoghurt from Asda, which I froze. Freezing them is a great idea. Specially when they are about out of life. It also makes you think you are having ice cream :) lol

Lunch time was an omelet with various veg and salad. When I go on my 5 2 diet next week. I will seriously need to cut down these portions lol

The last thing I had tonight was cheesy pasta. I didn't eat all this as this was a full box lol.

Next week I am starting my 5 2 diet. I will be doing weekly weigh ins, and letting you all know what exercises I'm doing. I will be linking my fitness pal as well. So if you like, yous can add me and keep track of what I'm doing :)

L x

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