Thursday, 3 April 2014

What I Ate Thursday

Sorry. I know I normally do this on a Wednesday. But I'm a bit behind, so I will have the sewing one up on Saturday. Plus as doing the sewing one is such a big thing this time. Saturday I will have lots more time. But I will be back on track soon!!

So here's what I had today.

I need a sugar rush in the morning!! So here's the first thing I eat and drink. Cuppa cha and a biskie.

Here I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and 2 easy peel clementines. I have a new way of boiling my egg. I have never been able to boil an egg and have a runny yolk. But I've cracked it (haha cracked it. Lol) will tell yous about that later :)

I had a snack between brekkie and lunch. 2 easy peel clementines again.

My lunch always looks like a dinner. I know. You see, my co worker goes to the gym straight after work, so she likes to have a huge lunch to keep her going. Don't get my wrong. I'm not complaining they are so good. But that's why they are always huge lol but here I had chicken bites,salad and pasta.

I then had a frozen yogurt for a snack between lunch and dinner. I love freezing my yogurts. Makes me feel like I'm eating ice cream or something. Plus it's a good way to store them if they are going out of date!!

And the last thing I had today was dinner. Which was Puff pastry with pesto, sundries tomatoes, mozzarella and asparagus. Sooo good. I will do a recipe for that later :)

That's it hope you enjoyed :)
L x