Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What I Are Wednesday 23APR14

Well first of all, I have been trying this thing where first thing in the morning you fill up on water. All it makes me do it pee!! I was going to the toilet twice in 30mins. I was at the toilet more than I was working. So stuff that. I will just drink when I'm thristy lol. 

On my own today, so I didn't really have time to eat much. But first thing I had my water and 3 hobnobs. 

Then for a snack the rest if the day I picked at this punnet of strawberries. 

Lunch consisted of a chicken wrap and some salad. 

Dinner I had, veggie haggis, tacos (that I broke by accident. So they looks more like nachos), salsa, cheese and guacamole. 

An since it's just been Easter I did have a bit if chocolate but I never pictured that bit lol

L x


  1. I also try to drink a lot in the morning, and I also go to the toilet every 10 minutes, that's annoying but drinking water helps with bloating (at least for me) and it keeps my skin from being to dehydrated so... peeing a lot is just the price to pay I guess :)

  2. It really helps with the bloating. Just the peeing is annoying lol :)

  3. yummy and healthy :) !!! i also try to drink a lot of water to keep my skin healthy ... you know acne free but then going bathroom every half and hour annoys me so much :) xx

    1. I know. There are good be benefits to it. But I think I was in the toilet more than I worked lol :)