Sunday, 27 April 2014

Vaseline Red Lip Tint Review

So sorry, this was meant to go up last night and I fell asleep lol. 

So I'm doing a review on the Vaseline Red Lip Tint. Now I do know it is only a tint. But I still wasn't impressed with it!! I still expect a tint to tint my lips and I just don't see a tint with this product at all. 
I love the design if the packaging.  I like that colour of red (I need to find it in a lip colour) and I like the cityscape design. 
It is a lovely colour when you see it in the tin. I'm just not too impressed once it's on the lips. 
This is the swatch. It's very sheer and you can't build this colour up. 

Overall, I wouldn't buy this product as a lip tint. I think it's just to sheer. As a mummy with a nearly toddler I need lip colours that are quick and easy. This is still as good as the other Vaselines in regards to keeping the lips moisturised. But just not a lip colour in my opinion :) 

L x


  1. I have the rose tint one and it feels really nice on but I agree the colour just doesn't show up much
    Anneka x

  2. The color look nice ... good very everyday sheer color look :) Awesome review Lisa ! xx