Sunday, 6 April 2014

Our Week In Pictures 31st March 14 - 06 April 14

Hey another week has gone and we are into April!! The weeks are just flying in. Another first for Holly this week. She's just growing so fast!!

Monday. Baby had some crazy hair going in lol. I have no idea what happend!!

Tuesday. Holly was listening to some disney music!! Think she liked it.

Wednesday. I made some chargrilled chicken salad with a line and chilli dressing. Mmmmm

Thursday. I'm gonna do a blog post on this. But I'm trying to make our house a bit more greener for spring.

Friday. Holly stayed with gran. An this was her nap time lol

Saturday. I wanted to show Holly growing stuff. Starting early with her I know. But I like to grow stuff too lol. So I thought why not.

Sunday. Holly stood up on her own and balanced!!! She is just growing so fast!!

I hope you all had an awesome week, and I hope this week is just as good for yous.
L x


  1. Your kids are super cute!! Xox

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  2. very cute pics dear ! xx