Sunday, 27 April 2014

Our Week In Photos 21Apr-27Apr

Here is our week in photos :) no firsts this week. I'm hoping against hope that one of these weeks I will be like 'wooooo Holly is walking' yeah, but not this week :( 

Monday- Holly decided to be a dog for the night and ran about with her milk bottle hanging from her mouth lol. 

Tuesday- Holly fell asleep like this while being carried around Asda. I know not very exciting, but I just love this photo!! 

Wednesday- I had this awesomeness for my dinner. I just absolutely love veg haggis. I will let you in on a secret, We were meant to have tacos. But I dropped the pack a mashed ever single one. Lol so it turned into natchos. Oops lol. 

Thursday- Here is pickles and harls all snugged :) 

Friday- I know no one wants to see my nasty foot. But I would like to highlight the dangers of walking long distances with a pram lol. Didn't help it was drizzle rain and my heel was rubbing :( 

Saturday- Holly stayed with gran and grandad, and lay like this on her new cover and pillow watching the tv all night. Don't worry she didn't get the pillow in bed and the actual quilt was to use as a cover for the base of the travel cot. 

Sunday- Daddy had a parrot on his shoulder :) lol that was using the remotes as phones lol

Not very exciting this week. But I hope you all enjoy. I also hope you all had an awesome week. 

L x


  1. such a nice pics dear !! hope your foot is better now :) xx

  2. I adore your cats!
    I like Holly's blanket or is that a cap? :)

    1. Thanks very much. It was the good of her jacket :)

  3. It's a hood from her jacket :) you wouldn't like them at 4am when they lick your eyelid because they want out lol :)