Friday, 25 April 2014

My Day 25Apr14

Well I was planning on doing a lip product review today, but I will need to put that off till tomorrow. Mark needed my car for work, and he's still not home. That's where the product is btw lol it's in the car. Not that mark took it to work with him hahahahaha

So instead I will just do a little update on my day. As mark needed my car today, I took a holiday. Now normally I would keep Holly with me. But there was a few things I wanted to get done today, so I sent her to the childminders. 

I didn't really do anything that interesting to be honest. I wanted to get some rooms tidied so I can take photos of them before they are redone and after. So I done 2 rooms today which I will post tomorrow or today lol at some point. 

As I didn't have the car, my mum was going to come round at about 5pm for a while to see us. But also as I didn't have a car I had to walk to pick Holly up. Well what an adventure that turned out to be lol.

I left the house at 4.05pm and I didn't get back till 5.20pm lol. It took a bit longer than expected and my poor mum was left outside my house for 20mins lol. On they way down I am actually surprised no one reported the crazy lady walking down the side of main roads with an empty pram lol. I think some people thought I was out to steal a baby. It was a bit more complicated to get there than I though. The route I took, I couldn't come back with Holly as I was actually walking on the roads because there was no paths. I stay in a big town. Why don't they have paths connecting all the different bits up!!! 

So on they way back I had to use google maps and it was taking me through forests and past houses that looked abandoned and past streets I had never heard of!! So let's just say I won't be walking again. 

Then I think I got shin splints for the first ever time lol. I used to run a lot before I had Holly and never experience anything like the pain I had while walking. I mean walking lol. So perhaps I should maybe start exercising more. 

Oh one last thing!! How hard is it to push a pram up hills!! I thought my lungs were going to explode!!

Oh well that was the most exciting bit of the day lol. 

Hope you guys have all had an awesome week and have a great weekend planned 

L x


  1. Awhh .... take it easy dear ... do a little bit running every day so you stay in routine :) xx

    1. Yeah I'm gonna try the Run Fat B****h Run book. That's suppose to be really good :)

  2. Hello hun:)
    I really love this post,it's very nice!
    Maybe we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog!