Friday, 11 April 2014

Little Bit Of Green

Since it is meant to be spring time now. I have been wanting to start introducing plants into the house, and start doing stuff to my garden to make it look good!! 
Here is the first one sitting in my hall. I can't remember exactly what Their names were. But the big ones from Dobbies garden centre and the ivy is from Morrisons. 
Here is my Japanese maple I got last year. Didn't think it had survived but it did!! Woooooo
Above we have Strawberries!! First picture is from Morrisons and the second again is Dobbies. I have another 2 hanging  to get filled so that will be fun. 
Here are 2 I done earlier lol this was when I first planted them. Again I added ivy to the other one. But the red one, I just keep like that on the kitchen window ledge. 

I am going to start planting the flowers. I will do another blog about my plans for my gardens. :)

L x


  1. thats awesome dear :) xx

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    1. Omg I'm sorry. Impressed the wrong button and deleted your comment. But thanks. The pot is from dobbins garden center. It's part if a 3 piece set. :)

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