Saturday, 5 April 2014

Holly's Tuesday to Friday Routine

Thought I would update you on Holly's daily routine now she is 1 and nearly walking!! She has kind of 2 routines, so I will go through the first one tonight.

The first routine is a Tuesday to Friday routine. Holly will wake between 7.30am and 8am. Between 8am and 8.30am she will have breakfast. Which will be one of these.

She loves these. We try and sneak normal cows milk into this for her, but she knows the difference lol and won't take it. She also like jammy toast and any type of eggs.

Then she will go for a nap between 10.30am and 11.30am. Then as I am at work, Mark will get her up and dressed. I normally leave outfits out for her. You can guess what guys are like picking an outfit out lol. Then she gets to have a snack.

She won't get all of these, Just a small selection in her bowl. Then at 12.30pm she will be dropped of at her child minders. She is still a bit small to take part in most of the childminders activity with the other children ie painting and dress up. But she is fine with story time and free time. They all try to include her as much as possible. The childminder also has time during the day to get her walking, which is good.

Then she will have lunch at 1pm which will be one of the following.

She loves any of the Ella's kitchen ones. I also make pots of food for her, but it's just mostly leftovers from what we have ate for dinner now.

Then it's nap time. She will sleep from 2pm till 4pm. When she gets up she will have a snack of some fruit. She loves bananas and strawberries. Then I will pick her up at 4.30pm.

We then head to my mums house. At my mums she will get some snacks if shortbread and juice while watching disney junior. Then at 6pm it's dinner time. I try to make fresh stuff for her dinner. Normally mash potato and some type of veg with gravy. She love broccoli, turnip, carrots and cauliflower.

Then at 7pm it's bath time.

Normally she is in there for about 20mins then it pj time. Then I start to wind her down. So between her getting out and 7.45pm we will sit together on the couch with her blanket and watch some tv.

At 7.45pm she gets a bottle of SMA toddler milk 9oz. She loves this time of night. She gets all excited when she sees it.

8pm it's bed time, and hot chocolate time for me :)

L x


  1. such a nice routine she have :) love her pretty smile !! :) xx

    1. she is leading you into a false sense of security :)