Saturday, 12 April 2014

Holly Haul!!

Went shopping today and as always, Holly got spoiled!! 
Holly has 2 jackets. One is a blue puff one and the second is a blue dressy one. So I wanted to get her a spring jacket, and here we are :) This was £14.50 from next. I seen another one I also liked. I will get that next week. 
I also needed to get her some new summer clothes (not that we have much of a summer in Scotland!!) so she got this cute as dress. This was also from next at just £5.00. 
The last of the clothes she got was these shorts. She can wear these just now with some tights and a jumper. I think that will be cute. These were from next at £9.00. 

As always she needs to get a toy lol. So while I was having an eye test. Her gran got her this. 
A lovely noisy toy. This was from a shop called the entertainer and it was £15.00 

Then we went to toys r us, and I was planning on getting a infinity figure. But I seen this instead and got it for Holly. 
It's a disney song choo choo train. The dumbo, spot and simba all are removable. It sings a disney song and makes some noises. It was on a price cut from £40.00 to £20.00. So I couldn't really pass that up. 

L x

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