Friday, 18 April 2014

Holly's Firsts!!!

Well there has been 3 firsts this week!! Very exciting stuff :)

First was Holly's first visit to a swing park!! She was very excited and wanted a shot on everything. Here are some pictures. 
Holly walked along with us to the park with her pram!! She only walked half way then her legs got tired. But it's a start!!!
She really enjoyed herself!! Now that it's getting light at nights and a little warmer, we will be able to take her more often. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her second first. But she took her first steps!!! Two tiny steps she took and I was crying lol. She hasn't done it again since but it was amazing to see her do that!!!

Her third and final first this week, was making us an Easter card! Of course her childminder helped her. But I thought it was just so cute!!! 
Here she is sitting at the table with her pencils looking all happy with herself, and here is her card   
How cute. I just love stuff like this. This is definitely going into her first box!!

L x

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