Monday, 14 April 2014

Holly First Visit To The Loch

Mark works Tuesday to Saturday. So we only really have a Sunday together as a full day, and Sunday was horrible!! Very windy and raining. 

However when I left work today, the sun was splitting the trees, and it was actually warm! So I though let's take Holly to the local loch :) 

So when I got in we got her bag together and some bread and off we went. 
She was so excited to be here. The pictures don't really capture how she was acting!! She was loving watching the birds. 
She was very content. Then she started to get figitty and we had to let her out lol. 

She doesn't walk yet as you all know. But she toddles along if she's holding hands with someone. 
Overall, today was a success. We all really enjoyed being out the house as a little family for a little while. Even if it was only 40mins!! 

L x