Monday, 7 April 2014

Holly's First Play Date!

I am can't do a review on nail polish this week, as I haven't found any I think is worth doing. So instead I am going to tell you all about Holly's first play date!!

So on Sunday my friend came through with her baby Paige. Paige is 3 months older than Holly. What a difference 3 months can make!!

I must admit, I thought she would be better at the whole play date thing. I've seen her with Harry (her half brother), and I've heard about her at the childminders. But she wasn't very good at it on Sunday. I'm hoping it was just because she doesn't know Paige that well yet. Holly just didn't want to play with her at all. I made snacks and brought all her toys out and Holly was just not interested in playing with someone else. The two of them enjoyed the food. Occasionally Holly would try to take a toy of Paige, but that was it.

When Paige first arrived, Holly was really excited!! She was jumping about on the couch at the window, and she practically dragged me over to see her when she came in. But she lost interest. Lol

We are planing on doing it at least twice a month. So I will keep you up dates on her play date progress!!

L x


  1. How funny and cute! It sounds like it was still a wonderful day though :D

  2. Awhh ... thats is so cute !!! Holly is looking very cute !! My daughter has a same Minnie mouse riding toy :) xx

  3. aww too cute!!! Such a lovely blog! Please could you check out my blog and maybe comment?
    It would mean a lot xo

    1. Of course I will have a look :)
      Thanks for reading my blog :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's a great photo of them :)