Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter Tin

Well today was just a total fail. I forgot to take pictures of most of the things I ate. So I will go that one tomorrow. 

Today I'm going to show you an Easter tin I made for Harrys Easter. 

I didn't want to get Harry just one Easter egg he would eat all at once. So I got him lots of little things in a tin :). We have bubbles, rabbit nose lolly, jelly bean shaped like a carrot, some medium eggs, some small one, cream egg and a bunny shaped chocolate. He like to have stuff to his things in. That's why opted for a fine as well. 


  1. This looks so cute. It would be great for a classroom too. Have a little gift like this for the kids =) Nice Post

    Feel free to check out my blog too if you have some extra time. Take Care,

    1. Your right. Small tins would be ideal!! :)

  2. thats very nice :) xx