Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Cakes

Since it's almost Easter. I though I'd do an Easter cake post. 
Here we have 3 silicone pot. These have cup cakes in them. Some chocolate shapes and the baking set I used for the pots. 
First we will have a closer look at these pots. These silicone pots were from hobby craft. You get a set of 4 for £3.00. I uses just a basic Asda chosen by you cake mix at 76p a bag. Then I spread some butter icing over the top, and crumpled up some chocolate Oreos biscuits for the dirt. Then I used my bunny bum and carrot pack. For the cooking instructions. I followed the back of the cake mix pack. If you wanted, you could take them out of the pots, but I think they look better that way. 
Next we have white chocolate shapes. This was just some white chocolate I melted in the microwave. I done 30 seconds 3 time. That way you can catch it before the chocolate burns. I get the baking with disney magazine. So I used the moulds I had from that. I'm sure you could get the moulds on eBay or amazon though. 
This is a closer look at my bunny bum pack. This was from hobby craft for £3.99. You get the bunny bums, cupcake trays and small candy carrots. I just thought this was super cute!!

I will be doing another Easter post hopefully on Saturday. It could have something to do with this. 

L x


  1. can't wait for your Easter post dear :) xx