Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Death In The Family

I will need to postpone my What I Ate post till tomorrow. There has been a death in the family.

We have a lot of animals. They go from cute and fluffy to ugly and scaly but I still love them. They are my babies. I have got a blog in my calendar to do on my animals. However one has died today :(

Gary was a created gecko. A lovely wee guy who never bit me once. We took him in from a friend who bought him, but didn't want him anymore, and we had him for 2 years. I don't know what age he was when we got him. But I do know he was fully grown.

A few weeks ago he started to have problems with his eyes. They weren't shedding properly along with the rest of his skin. He would have what they call eye caps. So I had to wash his eyes every few days to keep them clear. But last night I got him out, and he just wasn't his normal self. Instead of jumping from hand to hand, he was just crawling. I knew he wasn't right. But I didn't expect him to go today!!

I know some people will laugh. But I get attached to my animals. I care for them, whether it be vet bills, feeding or just playing with them!!

I will still do the animal blog. But I just thought little Gary deserved a place on this blog :)

L x


  1. I'm sorry about Gary... But I'm certain he is in a happy place now :)

  2. Aw i am sorry hon, it does not matter if it was human or animal they still hold a deep place in our hearts. I have two cats and a dog and there my fur babies, i could never imagine myself without them.

    Thank you for popping by my page sweetie, following, i just posted a new post :)

    1. It is hard even though he was just a little lizard. Thanks :)