Monday, 28 April 2014

Before The Magic Part 1

Well I have took pictures of two rooms before we start redecorating in the summer. 

First here is our bathroom. The bathroom is pretty small so I had to do it in sections. 
This is directly on the right hand side these drawers have all the usual. Makeup, clippers, nail varnish, hair products and moisturisers. 

Next the sink. Usual stuff tooth brushes, mouth wash, face wash and hand soap. 

Toilet. Lol lovely hahahaha as you can see usual toilet stuff. But I also have some cat food, water and a litter tray. I need to have these as this is where the kitten pickles goes at night, as she a little pain in the bum!! 

This is the window I have some moisturisers and my snail plant which the kitten smashed this morning. Lol

Lastly my bath. Hair products on the left and shower gels on the right. 

We are planning on ripping all the tiles out and getting new ones for round the bath and painting the other walls. Having all these tiles was a good idea at the time. Not so good to clean!! 

I was going to do the bedroom in this blog too. But I think it will be too much for one blog. So I will do a part 2 next time :) 

L x


  1. can't wait for your next bedroom post :) xx