Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter Tin

Well today was just a total fail. I forgot to take pictures of most of the things I ate. So I will go that one tomorrow. 

Today I'm going to show you an Easter tin I made for Harrys Easter. 

I didn't want to get Harry just one Easter egg he would eat all at once. So I got him lots of little things in a tin :). We have bubbles, rabbit nose lolly, jelly bean shaped like a carrot, some medium eggs, some small one, cream egg and a bunny shaped chocolate. He like to have stuff to his things in. That's why opted for a fine as well. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Whitefish recipe

I've only recently started eating fish. An at that, it's only certain kinds. I can't eat any that smell overly fishy. I just can't lol. But this recipe is done with a frozen fish bought from Iceland. It doesn't smell fishy or taste overly fishy. 

You get 5 whitefish fillets in a bag. Here I've just made one. I have squeezed half a lemon juice, a teaspoon of crushed chilli, then took two slices of lemon and placed them on top!! 

I wrapped it loosely in tin foil and cooked it in a fan oven at 180c for 35mins

This in my opinion, tastes lovely!! You could improvise and use herbs on it as well. This I think would be nice with either just some rice or with baby potatoes in butter and some veg. 

Great family dinner that's quick and easy. 

L x

Monday, 28 April 2014

Before The Magic Part 1

Well I have took pictures of two rooms before we start redecorating in the summer. 

First here is our bathroom. The bathroom is pretty small so I had to do it in sections. 
This is directly on the right hand side these drawers have all the usual. Makeup, clippers, nail varnish, hair products and moisturisers. 

Next the sink. Usual stuff tooth brushes, mouth wash, face wash and hand soap. 

Toilet. Lol lovely hahahaha as you can see usual toilet stuff. But I also have some cat food, water and a litter tray. I need to have these as this is where the kitten pickles goes at night, as she a little pain in the bum!! 

This is the window I have some moisturisers and my snail plant which the kitten smashed this morning. Lol

Lastly my bath. Hair products on the left and shower gels on the right. 

We are planning on ripping all the tiles out and getting new ones for round the bath and painting the other walls. Having all these tiles was a good idea at the time. Not so good to clean!! 

I was going to do the bedroom in this blog too. But I think it will be too much for one blog. So I will do a part 2 next time :) 

L x

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Our Week In Photos 21Apr-27Apr

Here is our week in photos :) no firsts this week. I'm hoping against hope that one of these weeks I will be like 'wooooo Holly is walking' yeah, but not this week :( 

Monday- Holly decided to be a dog for the night and ran about with her milk bottle hanging from her mouth lol. 

Tuesday- Holly fell asleep like this while being carried around Asda. I know not very exciting, but I just love this photo!! 

Wednesday- I had this awesomeness for my dinner. I just absolutely love veg haggis. I will let you in on a secret, We were meant to have tacos. But I dropped the pack a mashed ever single one. Lol so it turned into natchos. Oops lol. 

Thursday- Here is pickles and harls all snugged :) 

Friday- I know no one wants to see my nasty foot. But I would like to highlight the dangers of walking long distances with a pram lol. Didn't help it was drizzle rain and my heel was rubbing :( 

Saturday- Holly stayed with gran and grandad, and lay like this on her new cover and pillow watching the tv all night. Don't worry she didn't get the pillow in bed and the actual quilt was to use as a cover for the base of the travel cot. 

Sunday- Daddy had a parrot on his shoulder :) lol that was using the remotes as phones lol

Not very exciting this week. But I hope you all enjoy. I also hope you all had an awesome week. 

L x

Vaseline Red Lip Tint Review

So sorry, this was meant to go up last night and I fell asleep lol. 

So I'm doing a review on the Vaseline Red Lip Tint. Now I do know it is only a tint. But I still wasn't impressed with it!! I still expect a tint to tint my lips and I just don't see a tint with this product at all. 
I love the design if the packaging.  I like that colour of red (I need to find it in a lip colour) and I like the cityscape design. 
It is a lovely colour when you see it in the tin. I'm just not too impressed once it's on the lips. 
This is the swatch. It's very sheer and you can't build this colour up. 

Overall, I wouldn't buy this product as a lip tint. I think it's just to sheer. As a mummy with a nearly toddler I need lip colours that are quick and easy. This is still as good as the other Vaselines in regards to keeping the lips moisturised. But just not a lip colour in my opinion :) 

L x

Friday, 25 April 2014

My Day 25Apr14

Well I was planning on doing a lip product review today, but I will need to put that off till tomorrow. Mark needed my car for work, and he's still not home. That's where the product is btw lol it's in the car. Not that mark took it to work with him hahahahaha

So instead I will just do a little update on my day. As mark needed my car today, I took a holiday. Now normally I would keep Holly with me. But there was a few things I wanted to get done today, so I sent her to the childminders. 

I didn't really do anything that interesting to be honest. I wanted to get some rooms tidied so I can take photos of them before they are redone and after. So I done 2 rooms today which I will post tomorrow or today lol at some point. 

As I didn't have the car, my mum was going to come round at about 5pm for a while to see us. But also as I didn't have a car I had to walk to pick Holly up. Well what an adventure that turned out to be lol.

I left the house at 4.05pm and I didn't get back till 5.20pm lol. It took a bit longer than expected and my poor mum was left outside my house for 20mins lol. On they way down I am actually surprised no one reported the crazy lady walking down the side of main roads with an empty pram lol. I think some people thought I was out to steal a baby. It was a bit more complicated to get there than I though. The route I took, I couldn't come back with Holly as I was actually walking on the roads because there was no paths. I stay in a big town. Why don't they have paths connecting all the different bits up!!! 

So on they way back I had to use google maps and it was taking me through forests and past houses that looked abandoned and past streets I had never heard of!! So let's just say I won't be walking again. 

Then I think I got shin splints for the first ever time lol. I used to run a lot before I had Holly and never experience anything like the pain I had while walking. I mean walking lol. So perhaps I should maybe start exercising more. 

Oh one last thing!! How hard is it to push a pram up hills!! I thought my lungs were going to explode!!

Oh well that was the most exciting bit of the day lol. 

Hope you guys have all had an awesome week and have a great weekend planned 

L x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fairy Garden

I would like to think I'm a whimsical type of person. I would like to think all those things that are in fairy tails are ture. But obv there not lol. So when I found this, I though I need to blog this and do it!! 

Here is a fairy garden. 
I seen these and I just love the.  If you have any pots which have cracked and broke over the winter. This would be a good use for them!! I'm defo going to be doing this. What do you guys think?!

L x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What I Are Wednesday 23APR14

Well first of all, I have been trying this thing where first thing in the morning you fill up on water. All it makes me do it pee!! I was going to the toilet twice in 30mins. I was at the toilet more than I was working. So stuff that. I will just drink when I'm thristy lol. 

On my own today, so I didn't really have time to eat much. But first thing I had my water and 3 hobnobs. 

Then for a snack the rest if the day I picked at this punnet of strawberries. 

Lunch consisted of a chicken wrap and some salad. 

Dinner I had, veggie haggis, tacos (that I broke by accident. So they looks more like nachos), salsa, cheese and guacamole. 

An since it's just been Easter I did have a bit if chocolate but I never pictured that bit lol

L x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lemon Chilli Chicken

I'm going to give yous a quick and easy recipe for Lemon Chilli Chicken today. 

Being a working mum, I need to have quick easy recipes to make for dinner. This is one of my go to recipes. 
All I have used here is 2 frozen chicken breasts (you could use fresh if you like). I have squeezed half a lemon over them (this slightly thaws them for chillies), and I sprinkled one tea spoon of chillie flakes over them, then sliced the remaining lemons and placed on top. 

Wrap them loosely in foil and cook on the middle shelf, at 180c fan for 30 mins. 
This is the result. It has a kick from the chillies and a tartness from the lemons. It goes well with rice and veg. You could reduce the cook out sauce down to make a thick one. This is done by putting the cook out into a pan and heating over a low heat. Add a small amount of corn starch to thicken. 

L x

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Little Bit Of Green Part 2

So the only thing I have new for the house is this
This is called a Snaily or a Dischidia. This is a type of Milk Weed. The snail she'll is a proper snails shell from the Thailand rice paddys. Being an animal lover of all types, this bit did make me cringe. I am just hoping they don't kill them just for this, and that they are already dead (please just let me live in my bubble :) ). The reason is can grow in a snail she'll is that it has shallow roots, so it doesn't needs soil to grow. The only downside to this cool looking plant is, it can get wild. So you need to keep an eye on it and keep it clipped back. 

Since it's been lovely weather. I have done some stuff in the back garden. 

Here is some rhubarb I planted. My uncle was going to bin it, so I took it home. Hoping I can make some rhubarb crumble out of it, If it takes that it. 

I also planted some more strawberries. So I now have 4 hanging baskets of these. 

Then I got some pea shoots. These will be planted in the tubs you seen in the rhubarb photo. That way they can grow up my fence. 

Last but not least I have my potatoes planted in here, it worked a couple of years ago. Finger crossed. 

Normally, I would like to grow most of these from seeds myself, and I have done in the past years. However now with looking after Holly, Sewing and all the other craft things I do including looking after all my animals. I simply don't have time to grow them from seeds. 

I am going to try and grow my Sweetpeas, Sunflowers and Sented Night Stock from seeds. We will see.  

L x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Our Week In Photos 14Mar14-20Mar14

Here is our week in photos :) 

Monday- we visited the local loch and it was Holly's first time. She loved it. I'm thinking it should be a regular thing for her :)

Tuesday- we have had out kitten Pickles for 3 months now, and this is one of the first times our older cat Cheety has let her sleep with him :)

Wednesday- here is Pickles trying to squeeze into my onsie with me lol 

Thursday- I had this saffron and asparagus salad. Was amazing. I will put the recipe up soon for it :)

Friday- here is Holly making us her first Easter card!! How exciting :)

Saturday- we went to Gullane to see a relative and I sat in back with Holly, and she held my had for no reason. She just pointed at it and when I gave her my had she held it, and sat like that for ages. That's defo a first!!

Sunday- was out first ever Geocaching outting :) here is everyone trying to keep up with me haha 

I hope everyone had an awesome week. :)

L x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Failed Easter Baking and Geocaching

Well the Easter baking was a fail!! Not a huge fail, a bit if it worked. But a fail all the same. 

I don't do baking from scratch, with having to look after Holly. It's either done last thing at night, or squeezed into her naps. If I'm baking cakes, I use the Asda chosen by you mixes. If I'm baking cookies, I use Betty Crocker. 
This is the stuff used. Basically all you add is water, mix and cut. So I used this Easter cutter from Hobby Craft for £3.99, and it only half worked. 

I rolled my mix out to make them, then cut them and cooked them for 12 mind at 170c fan assisted, and this is what I got. 
Yeah, not what I expected. The rabbits head worked ok. But the carrots were a fail!! Oh well try try again :)

The second thing I wanted to talk about was geocaching. I have only today learned what this is. If you don't know what it is, then google it. But it's amazing. Basically it's a world wide treasure hunt. People leave tiny boxes with a log book or trinkets to swap, and you use the app with the gps system to of find them.  

I havent tried it yet. I'm planning on dragging everyone out tomorrow :) so I will update you all later on how I get on. Let me know if any of you have heard of this or tried it :) 

L x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Holly's Firsts!!!

Well there has been 3 firsts this week!! Very exciting stuff :)

First was Holly's first visit to a swing park!! She was very excited and wanted a shot on everything. Here are some pictures. 
Holly walked along with us to the park with her pram!! She only walked half way then her legs got tired. But it's a start!!!
She really enjoyed herself!! Now that it's getting light at nights and a little warmer, we will be able to take her more often. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her second first. But she took her first steps!!! Two tiny steps she took and I was crying lol. She hasn't done it again since but it was amazing to see her do that!!!

Her third and final first this week, was making us an Easter card! Of course her childminder helped her. But I thought it was just so cute!!! 
Here she is sitting at the table with her pencils looking all happy with herself, and here is her card   
How cute. I just love stuff like this. This is definitely going into her first box!!

L x