Friday, 28 March 2014

What's In Holly Bag

Holly is 1 year old now. I don't know if you would call her a toddler yet, as she's not toddling and, doesn't look like she wants to toddle lol. But we will have a look anyway :D

Firstly this is Holly's bag. It is a bit done looking now as it's been through hell and back, and she is well overdue a new one. Normally in the side pockets, she would have a milk bottle and a sip cup for her juice. I just haven't washed them yet.

Attached to the side I have my hand sanitiser. My mum got this for me while she was in America. Think it's a Japanese blossom one.

In the front pocket we have, a metatanium and a bepanthon bum cream. I also use these on her face when she breaks out from teething. Teething gel as she is teething real bad just now. Infacol, which I don't think we need anymore. But you never know. I also have some sun cream, a hair clip and some diluten juice, incase she needs a drink while we are out.

In the main compartment, first we have a dressing gown and pjs. I'm at my parents a lot at night. So it makes senses to have these with me. 4 bibs, some size 4 nappies and wipes.

Also in the main compartment we have, her slippers size 3, tub of crisps, bowl and spare clothes. As you just never know when she will need changed. Socks, extra milk powder and more bum cream. The bum cream in the container is called butt paste, which my mum got for me in America too.

That's all she has. I don't pack toys in this. As she has toys in her pram and at everyone's houses we go to.
L x

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