Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What I ate Wednesday

So today when I first got up for work, I didn't have time for breakfast. So I had to grab something at work.

Obv the first thing to do when you get to work is have a massive cuppa cha and a chocolate orange drop bisky :)

At 7am I need that sugar and caffein hit. I'm not a lover of coffee. I can't stand the smell. I might try milky coffee tho. See if that's better.

Then for breakfast I had a rake around the office and decided on a salted boiled egg with 2 bananas.

I know it doesn't look much, but I do work in a place where I can get as much fruit as I like. So I never go hungry :)

Then for lunch I had a 2 egg omelet that had peppers, mushrooms, ham and cheese in it.

I did have some salad, cucumber and tomatoes with this but I ate it before I remembered about the picture lol

Then when I got to my mums for dinner she made a fresh pasta dish with tomato and basil sauce and pesto cream cheese.

An that's me for the night. I won't eat again till I get into work again tomorrow.

Some treats I had was some shortbread. My absolute weakness. I never buy any for the house as I eat the pack!! Not just a bit!! The pack!! An I had these things.

Omg!! These are sooooooo good. They r Spanish or something I think and they are available in lidles I think.

L x


  1. I thought I was the only one with issues lol. I never buy cookies, candies and this sort of things and put them in my house because I know I will eat them all

    1. haha and there I thought it was just me lol