Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday 26 March 14

Today was very busy at work!! So I didn't even have time for my tea and biskie!!! And I didn't get breakfast till 9.30am! I start at 7am!! Anyway here's what I had.

I had 3 huge strawberries cut in half, and half a banana cut up in strawberry yogurt.

Then for lunch I had quesadilla filled with cheese, chilli chicken and mushrooms, with a side of chicken pasta, Italian pasta and salad leaves. Sooo good :)

Since I had a big lunch. I had a small dinner of orange sweet chilli chicken.

That was it all day. If anyone would like a recipe for any of this stuff. Just let me know :)

L x


  1. Mmmm :P Great post :)

  2. As a working mom I live off of coffee and yogurt. I know I need to be better but it's so hard to find the time

    1. I totally agree!! its a bit easier for me as where I work i can help myself to fruit. But you should defo try and throw some strawberries or bananas in there too :)

  3. looks yummy !! xx

  4. That chicken looks and sounds sooooo yummy must try it sometime :) xx