Thursday, 27 March 2014

Urban Decay Who??

I'm not normally a big make up person. I simply don't have time. I would like to think my skin is healthy looking enough without makeup, as I don't wear it to work. An as mark works a Tuesday to Saturday. I don't really have time at the weekend either. If I'm going out out, then I will slap some on, but normally the most I wear is tinted moisturiser and blush. Sometime mascara. But I tend to forget I have it on then I rub my eyes! Anyway sorry back to this.

The other day I was watching Michelle Phans new video about urban decays (of who I had never heard of) new electric pallet, and I think I fell in love!! When I was younger. I would wear a lot of bright makeup. Yellows and blues and greens. When I saw this pallet I had to get it. So I have got an early Mother's Day present!!

I got this from Debenhams and it was £38!! Which is very expensive but the eyeshadows are sooooo amazing I can't even say lol

Just look how bright they are!! I am certainly going to try the look Michelle done and I will probably look like a clown!! But I will be a happy clown and that's what matters :) But I just couldn't help myself!!
L x

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